Sunday, 10 February 2008


Little John just hated going to school
That much could certainly be said
He arrived home each and every day
With a long face and just hung his head
His mother got more and more worried
And at parent’s night turned up at school
And spoke one by one to the teachers
Which is what is required as a rule
One said John was simply bone idle
And had no desire to progress
Another said John lacked concentration
And at times seemed he could’nt care less
After this blunt condemnation of john
By all his teachers en bloc
They all but refused to teach him
Which came as a terrible shock
She went home that night
And cried herself to sleep
Whatever would become of John
The thought just made her weep
Weeks went by then one day
A new head came to John’s school
They say new brushes sweep clean
And turned out to be the rule
After reading notes on John
The head brought him up to her room
Sent for his mother to attend
Who then arrived quite soon
She saw John sitting there
And the tears just ran down her face
She was prepared to meet her doom
And her ultimate disgrace
The head said just sit down my dear
And motioned across to a stool
“your John’s going to be all right
he just needs a special school
he needs to learn at his own speed
he isn’t really sick
you see what’s wrong with little John
is he’s only autistic!”

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