Monday, 3 March 2008

Ladies of the Night

She strolled along the lonely darkened street
Minni skirted, high heeled shoes upon her feet
Eyebrows slanted upwards cross’ her head
Lipstick(hastily applied) was a vivid red
False eyelashes and,mascara round the brims
From a distance, looked attractive for her sins
She paused under the lamp’s light to be seen
Then the punters were few and far between
Some colleagues she knew were missing from their pitch
And later were found dead, and naked in a ditch
Some regular punters departed in haste
To avoid being involved in the serial, murder case
The time would soon be coming round again
To need another fix of crack cocaine
Her thoughts brought her back to the time of her teens
A sweet young girl with a head full of dreams
When she fell for a drug pusher’s tricks
That started her off with a crack cocaine fix
Set her off on the road to hell
The consequences of which she could never foretell
And now fear of death she had to defy
Caus’ the hunger pangs for cocaine
She just couldn’t deny
Then providence took an overdue hand
The serial killer was in remand
And though he got sentenced for life
She even felt sorry for the killers wife
The fear of death has certainly gone but
The hunger for crack cocaine lingers on

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