Friday, 7 March 2008

the Hit and run

He lay there in the hospital bed
With a puzzled look and a bump on his bed
He didn’t even know his name
Who he was or wence he came
The paramedic who brought him
Just couldn’t find
A trace of I.D. of any kind
Said he was a victim of a hit and run
They ran him down
And drove straight on
The sister said with a glance at his clothes
He must be fairly well off I suppose
The police made enquiries
But without any clues
Gave his picture and story to the evening news
Time came for discharge
But with nowhere to go
He just sat by his bed a picture of woe
When all once to his surprise
Stood a fine looking lady whith tears in her eyes
Who hugged him and kissed him
And said sweetheart! Oh my poor John!
She looked at his head and said
What have they done
But john’s face was a picture no artist could paint
He just gazed into the eyes
Of his one and only soulmate.

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