Sunday, 9 March 2008

Little Girl

Twas’ a loving young man called John (so it seems)
Married Rosie the beautiful girl of his dreams
They met one warm summer’s night
It was mutualy love at first sight

They were hardly ever apart
Being madly in love from the start
Then their love rewarded the pair
With a beautiful girl with blond hair
From the very first day of her birth
Pearl was the source of laughfter and mirth
And every day John would hug little Pearl
And say I love you little girl
And when pearl reached four
Said I’m not a little girl any more
John said Pearl you’l always be my little girl
Now and forever more
As pearls life unfurled
Wherever she went in the world
Pearl’s heart would sing
At the phone bell’s ring
Her head in a whirl
When the voice said
I Love you little Girl!
Then one day came a call
Wasn’t from dad at all
Was from her broken hearted Mum
Who said dad had a stroke and was very ill
Summoned Pearl to his bedside to come
But John couldn’t speak to his”little girl”
Nor could he understand what she said
He wanted to say I Love YOU
But could only momble instead
She looked at her loving father
And did the only thing she could do
Climbed on to the bed beside him
As he lay there so weak and so blue
Then tears ran from both of their eyes
As she gave him a gentle embrace
He couldn’t say I Love You
Nor manage a smile on his face
With her head rested on his chest
As his heart beat steadily away
Then magically his heart beat out
The words his mouth just couldn’t say
I Love you,! I Love You! Little Girl!
Then he slowly passed away.

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