Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The Waife

He sat at the entrance to the shopping arcade
His little dog sat by his side
An upturned hat with a handfull of coins
Trying to keep up his pride
Not long ago he had a job
A wife and a mortguaged home yet
Now all he had was a carrier bag
A cardboard box bed and his pet
As he sat there his thoughts went back
To his time in Iraq
When roadside bomb shrapnal
Ripped a hole in his back
He relived it every might in his dreams
And woke up his wife with his terrible screams
His nerves were in a terrible mess
His only solution was to drink to excess
It lost him his job his wife and his home
No where to go but the streets to roam
Then as he sat there one day at dusk
With his little dog by his side
He heard a familiar voice from the past
Whose concerne was hard to hide
T’was the voice of his childhood sweetheart
His long lost love from his teens
Its one of those things that happens
When providence intervenes
She stood and stared him aghast
As she realised his plight
This was the man she always loved
And dreamed about each night
Then the tears trickled down his care worn face
As she hugged him in her arms
A more than willing victim
To his new found sweethearts charms
Then as they went off arm in arm
Their long lost love to find
Came a little dog with a wagging tail
Tagging on behind

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