Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The Pit

they made their way t’wards the colliery lift
No eagerness here to start the late shift
Faces all quite sullen and morose
Like medicene you just take your dose
Then as the lift made it’s deep descent
Realising what the term “black hole”meant
After working hours at the coal face
Each one trying to keep the pace
And feeling that t’was neither right nor just
Nightly breathing lungfulls of black coal dust
Suddenly a loud explosion rent the air
Something that happened very rare
After such an awful din
Naturally panic just set in
The props fell down and debris barred the way
They must have felt like rats at bay
And to the ones they loved the news soon spread
Who gathered at the pit in fear and dread
Of their loved ones trapped down underground
From wence none heard a single sound
Inspectors went down in the lift
To see what rubber they needed to shift
Because they were so far below ground
No quick solution could be found
And the women prayed to God each night
To save them from their awful plight
The union met in a local hall
To see what could be done at all
They asked for volunteers to go
Armed with shovels down below
To move the debris and gain access
The move if crowned with any success
Could in turn provide the key
To setting all the miners free
Then after three days down below
A glimmer of hope began to show
A tapping noise was heard at last
From near the area of the blast
The news was given o’er the tannoy
And the crowds just cheered and jumped for joy
One day later came success
They finally had gained access
Released them from their awful plight
First time in days they’d seen daylight
as they staggered out with shaded eyes
to protect them from the bright sunrise
a can of beer thrust in their hand
though they found it hard to stand
then what a happy joyous scene
as hugs and kisses reigned supreme
and the miracle of it all
there were hardly any hurt at all.

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