Saturday, 24 May 2008

Ann's Dilemma

Mark and Ann got married early in their life
They were both eighteen when Mark asked Ann to be his wife
It took the next three years or so to furnish their abode
And as they both loved kids they took the next step down the road
When Ann announced “I’m pregnant” they both were filled with joy
And started reading lists of names then Ann wanted a boy
Morning sickness came and went and unpleasant as it seems
Ann just took in her stride as fulfilling all her dreams
She went to relaxation class, did everything she should
Avoided all the negatives as much as she could
Mark came home one day and found his Ann in tears
The blood tests have come through she sobbed they’ve realised my fears
I could be carrying a Downs syndrome child the blood tests indicate
They offered me abortion I said “no fear we’l wait
Regardless of the outcome I’l carry it full time
Everyone deserves a life this baby’s part of mine”
And so the pregnancy went on the fateful day arrived
Ann tried to act quite normaly and brushed her fears aside
The midwife in the labour ward said “things are going well
It’s in the right position but how long who can tell”
Ann was in labour six hours or more before
She pushed and pushed time and again
Till she could push no more
The midwife said “Just one more push” and thankfully it came
Ann lay so exhausted she was well out of the game
Mark looked down upon the scene amidst loud baby cries
Said” it’s a normal bouncing baby Ann what a wonderful surprise”

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