Friday, 25 April 2008

Philip's Way

Philip was a quiet boy who didn’t have much to say
He was told he was adopted on his twenty first birthday
In a strange way he felt incomplete and often in his dreams
He felt lonely and isolated especially in his teens
One day he met a pretty girl and at once they fell in love
They were deliriously happy and thanked the lord above
They had so much in common they were both adopted too
They soon became inseparable as lovers often do
They went everywhere together and vowed they’d never part
Their love for one another came from deep within the heart
One day whilst in each others arms philip proposed to jill
Who gazed into his loving eyes and said of course I will
Some time elapsed they set the date at the chapel down the lane
And the vicar who gave them both a smile said “Come in out of the rain”
They sat down in the vestry the vicar said for what it’s worth
Among other things I have to see’s your certificates of birth
Neither one nor the other had seen them to this day
As in every household they’d been “safely locked away”
When later on the vicar spread them out looked at them twice as though in doubt
Said you’d both commiting mortal sins don’t you know you both are twins
Jill said “Love like ours just can’t be wrong we feal it in our hearts so strong
Phil said we don’t really need to wed we can live and love together instead
For our children’s sake we have an option we can get our children through adoption
And so they’ve been happy right to this day with a boy and girl “ Philip’s way”

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