Monday, 28 July 2008


When a child is very young,
he’s taught “that colour’s blue.”
It may not look the same to him,
as it does as, perceived by you.

It’s also true of each word or phrase, that we would often use,
the conception may not be the same, which ever words we choose.
Sometimes at the behest of fashion, meanings are reversed,
“gay” that once meant “happy” now means something quite perverse.
“Wicked” which once meant “bad” now means everything is “great,”
and “cute” which once meant “cunning” at one time of day
now means pretty, in a diminutive kind of way.

“Cool” once referred to temperature is now a cliched word,
it can be used for anything, which strikes me as absurd.
Change can be acceptable, in much smaller amounts,
but with change for change sake conception really counts.

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