Monday, 28 July 2008

The Clouds

Oh ! Clouds up there on high
Why do you always cry
Why do you weep all summer long
Till winter’s almost nigh

You blot out all the sunshine
Till we forget the sky is blue
And waterlog our lovely parks
All this is down to you

Some say that there’s a positive
You make the crops grow too
But you leave the farmers little time
When the harvest’s due

Some say you make the gardens grow
Make flowers grow from seeds
But most of gardner’s time is spent
Pulling up your weeds

Now if we lived in Africa
The sky is always blue
The sun shines all day from dawn till dusk
And not a cloud in view

The ground is scorched, dry as a bone
The crops are dried up too
I think I’ll take back what I said
We need a friend like you..

1 comment:

Mak said...

Hi Grandad, it's Lee!

Catching up on some much needed reading :) I really like 'The Clouds', probably because its very dull and cloudy in vancouver right now..after having a month of extremely sunny/hot weather accross america it was amazing, it looks like vancouvers' summer is on it's way out! If only those clouds would go away :)

Hope you grandma, cindy, tara and milie are all good! I have no reliable internet here really, so skype is almost impossible but I'll get a phona card soon and give you a call...

Keep up the poems, just wish we could get every one of them printed and bound again! speak soon Granada, Love and miss you all, x Lee