Monday, 28 July 2008

The Liberators

The clattering yanky ‘Copters, ruled the smoke filled Viet-Nam sky,
the smell of burning flesh from the smouldering huts, that was Mai Lai.
The frantic blistered children running from a Napalm shell,
the mothers running child in arms, in flames no one could quell.

Every little wood and bamboo hut the “liberators” found,
they used Illegal flamethrowers to burn it to the ground.
The foul smell of orange the defolient from hell,
sprayed across the paddy fields, sounding the crops death nell.

Nought will grow in the paddy fields not even to this day,
no sign of retribution from the benevolent U.S.A..
Uranium bomb radiation,is effecting childbirths still,
cleft pallettes and birth deformities, are just run of the mil.

The one thing they are thankful for, the Yanks are off their back,
they’re too busy liberating, that ungrateful land Iraq.
Now Iran wants nuclear power like europe and the U.S.A,.
but when the Israelis made the Bomb they looked the other way .

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