Monday, 28 July 2008

The Cauldron Of Discontent

The simmering cauldron of fear and mistrust,
engengered by a system that is wholly unjust.
Fuelled by bountiful coffers of riches galore,
wrung from the sweat of the labouring poor.
Recruiting the out of work man in the street,
to do all the dirty work, for the elite.

Ill equipped for the nefarious job on hand,
no supply of body armour in Iraq’s luckless land.
No shortage of bodybags to arrive home in grand style
After “Liberating” a land with the people hostile
where are the weapons of destruction people might say
they can be found in Israel supplied by the U.S.A

what fair minded people find hard to understand.
Is why you armed Israelis to take Arab land
And while the Israelis bulldoze arab houses every day
Guess who supplied the bulldozers why the good old U.S.A..
Who backed Sadam whith his poison gas war on Iran
The champion of democracy your own uncle sam

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