Sunday, 21 September 2008

The Greys

Hurtling through the stratesphere en route from planet X,
came three grey skinned humanoids Volno Clou and Lex.
On leaving base were briefed about conditions here on earth
how primitive earthlings were of much heavier girth

The further information they didn’t expect at all,
as their”Saucer” hurtled on and they started to recall.
That millions inhaled smoke from some abnoxious weed,
an unheathy addiction to break, not many can succeed.

Governments supposed by taxing up it’s price,
they’d cut down on addiction it just did not suffice.
They increased it every year, on it they soon relied,
attempts to ban it’s import they never even tried.

Their strange transport poisons all the atmosphere,.
the fuel comes from oil which is going short they fear.
The tax on that’s horrendous sends prices up all round
the tax is used for nuclear weapons is their logic sound ?

They say that they won’t use them, they’re just for defence,
it’s called mutual annialation, the death of commen sense.
They dress young men in uniforms teach them how to kill
send them out across the sea to murder at their will

If they prove successful in slaughtering their foe
and manage to stay in one piece, they stand them in a row
They get a heroes wellcome a medal on their chest
to commit such deeds in civvy street they’d be put under arrest

they destroy the worlds rain forests, speed the earth’s demise
to make paper,fot their adverts so their sales will rise
They stuff them in letter boxes every single day
send a waggon burning diesel to take them all away

Goods are produced by the many, owned only by the few,
governed by the law of supply and demand such a heavy brew
The more the goods are wanted the higher goes the price
which lowers purchasing power so wages don’t suffice

with wages then inadiquate the goods accumulate
which leads to unemployment a problem so innate
The boss rests on his laurels he can afford the time to wait
while the men who made his money are locked outside his gate

Lex said on reflection let’s go home this is no joke
before this raving madhouse goes up in nuclear smoke
Clou said let’s put this goddam Saucer into gear


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