Sunday, 21 September 2008

My Body and I

Where ere I go through hail and snow my body comes along,
I have to work each day for food to keep it well and strong.
“It’s” prone to every hazzard I could do well without,.
there are many laws of physics that without “him” I can flout.
When we go to bed at night I leave “him” far behind,
I travel through the universe, “he” does’nt seem to mind.
it seems “he” needs his beauty sleep to recharge all his cells.
I have to shower him regularly to keep down all his smells.
Some clever folk have learnt to vacate their bodies with some ease,
they travel wide just using thoughts through OOBEs
Think of all the problems occuring I can see,
if I had to take “him” with me through all eternity.

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