Sunday, 21 September 2008

Wild Life 2

Why does each species, of bird sing the self ,same song,?
which only changes when the Magpies come along,
yet the magpie’s throaty rattle, serves the victims each to warm,
why does each and every bird sing in a chorus every dawn. ?

Why do skylarks fly so high, and back down to the ground.. ?
Do they always land far from their nests in, case their eggs are found ?..
Why do cuckoos lay there eggs in the nest of another bird ?
“Are they lacking mother’s instincs or just lazy ?, so I’ve heard.

Exotic birds of paradise dance from side to side,
the same one through the centuries,
To woo their would be bride.
“It’s all quite simple” the ornothologist said one day,
“instructions are passed on, through their respective d.n.a”.

Now I’m a doubting thomas and as such I’m bound to say,
who choriographed the courtship dance, to put in the d.n.a..?
Why are some birds vegetarians ,?while others seek their prey
And do pigeons all have “Catnav’s” to guide them on their way .

And when fossils are found of cockroaches, thousands of years old.
They havn’t changed one little bit why wasn’t Darwin told ?.

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