Sunday, 21 September 2008

Meandering Memoirs

The shimmering dawn as twilight ends,
brings promising illusions of future trends.
Unfulfilled lost hopes of yesterday,
allayed by the birds in their inimitable way.

Singing away to their sweet, hearts content,
so cheery and hope filled with no sad lament..
Crystal raindrops form patterns on my window pane,
how do they defy gravity and still remain.

Till additional drops try to hold on in vain,
succomb to gravity, flow down the pane.
An adventurous young squirrel crosses the lawn,
from a nearby park where it was born.

Flashing its tail like a signal sign,
seeking the cones from a neighboring pine.
A prickly hedgehog asleep under some logs,
awaken from sleep by the barking of dogs.

And as I peer through the raindrops what do I see,
my friend little robin seeking worms neath’ a tree.
Come rain hail or shine he will always appear,
his comforting presence all through the year.

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