Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Free Will.

I’d exchange my “Free Will”( for what it’s worth)
for peace love and kindness to reign on this earth.
Free will for the poor is restricted by earnings,
that hardly correspond to their minimal yearnings.

Free will for ,politicians as we recently saw
means “legal” mass murder known as war.
For the peace loving majority they find it odd,
that these well heeled scum act “In the name of God.”

This four year cross on a paper democracy,
an example of free will hypocracy.
Where millions marched the streets in disgust,
against the pack of lies and Iraq’s holicaust.

Were quietly ignored and to no one’s supprise,
the repy was a repeat of the same pack of lies.
The Weapons of destruction were never found,
and Iraq’s just one hell of a hole in the ground.

But all is never lost as we can now plainly see,
Iraq’s the proud owner of a “graveyard Democracy.
Now they’ll queue up every four years in style,
that cross on the paper was really worth while.

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