Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Cow's Milk

As a child I thought in my naïve little mind,
that the cows gave us milk, because they were kind.
I didn’t realise the delectable story by half
that the milk was only there for the “baby” calf.

And the lactation period was deliberately extended,
to the detriment of the cow, not what nature intended.
In it’s weakened state the cow is then prone,
to streptococci, mastitis not just T.B alone.

Which is why farmers pump them with anti-biotic,
a process that food chain wise, is just diabolic.
the specific hormones in milk are for the CALF to thrive,
by nature not intended to help a baby survive.

As any midwife will tell you, mother’s milk keeps at bay,
all the deadly infections that can come their way
If you use common sense you’ll discover in the end
don’t ignore nature, she’s everybody’s friend

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