Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Greed is not the best motive, to run a land’s economy
social justice is a motive that can only bring equality
Freedom’s an irrelevancy midst widespread poverty
when poverty amidst plenty is a grim reality

Peace is just a worthless slogan with so much war about
War weapons make good profits of that there is no doubt
high taxes mean low purchasing power so goods accumulate
thousands are made redundant a”Free-world” workers fate

because of low purchasing power workers get into debt
artificial booms are created their payments can’t be met
the start of unemployment rocks the stock exchange
there’s an avaricious scramble for the profit that remains

in a land where five percent own ninety five % of the wealth
with billions spent on armaments what price the nations health
there are no doubt those among us who feel the’re in a fog
but in this economic lunacy it’s the tail that wags the dog

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