Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Darwin's Chair

A miriad of tiny twinkling stars besets the distant milky way,
across the moonlit heavens stretching in boundless neat array.
Many thoughts one ponders and sorely seeks to understand,
should I feel as insignificent as the proverbial grain of sand. ?
But to me in my own heavens ,and celestial milky way,
encompassed in my lucid mind just a thought away.
I can switch my mental channel to happiness and joy,
nullify all negative thoughts that serve just to annoy.

There are many solar adventures and jaunts of every kind,
stored away inside the files of my preconcious mind.
Like an accommodation advert my mind is self contained,
how do so many fleeting avid thoughts find room to be retained.

In my thoughts I can accomplish what money cannot buy,
sometimes as I dissect all my thoughts whilst looking up on high.
I wonder if those wonders I see nightly in the sky.,
were all there just by accident, including you or I..

So I contacted the Afterlife, Darwin was still about,
he answered in a whisper,said” there’s no need to shout.
Don’t tell those two gorillas sitting in the corner over there,
They’d laugh their heads off, if they knew, why I’m in this dunces chair.

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