Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Wild Life no. 3

How do the tiny shoots of plants against all odds
grow through an asphalt floor.?
what magic within an acorn helps it grow
into an oak 50 ft.tall or more.?

How do the severed head and tail of earthworms
become two separate worms,
What miracle of metamorphosis happens
when the d.n.a. relearns?

How do the cells of sponges regroup
when put through a sieve,
then reassume their former shape
Tis ‘most difficult to conceive.?

The spider orchids flower assumes
the form and odour of the female wasp on heat,
to attract the male who unknowingly,
deposits pollen in retreat.

Every creature on this planet has its own special role to play,
to propogate its species, in its own inimitable way.
Each one treads its destined path to a predetermined goal,
and the pattern in the scheme of things includes every living soul.

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