Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Between Heaven And Earth

Hopes, wishes, and ambitions are all the stuff of dreams,
and when your mind is half awake they surface so it seems.
Some believe that when you dream it’s a journey of the spirit,
to Summerland from whence it came to pay its nightly visit.

Now scientists deny the very existence of the soul,
and just accept oblivion as life’s ultimate goal.
but when Bertrand Russell died much to their wrath and tedium,
he rescinded all his beliefs on earth, through a famous medium.

A wise man once said there’s none so blind as those who will not see,
but if we want to solve the problem I think I’ve got the key.
Lock them in a haunted house all night and give them all a session,
with hypnotists who specialise in deep past life regression

and if they come out unconvinced their heads still in the stars
we’ll send them on a fishing trip down “their” Canals on Mars


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