Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Miracles Of The Future

Mark was a bright and healthy boy who was hardly ever ill,
that was untill one autumn day, whilst climbing up a hill.
He became so weak and helpless was forced to sit and rest,
a visit to the doctors who said he’ll need some tests.

The tests then proved positive his kidneys were very weak,
they said he must be dialised three times every week.
This went on for quite some time and Mark was so depressed,
the once bright and healthy boy was a regular hospital guest.

Time went on and Mark was placed on the long transplant list,
Ma and Pa as “blood relations”were approached by the specialist.
To donate one of their kidneys that they would not normally decline,
unknown to Mark he was an adopted child of a different blood line.

Now Mark was disapointed and he sorely wondered why,
the folks he loved so dearly by choice would let him die.
The parents had no option to tell Mark the reason they,
couldn’t donate their kidneys that ,that was the delay.

Mark was totally dumbfounded at this double shock,
said you never would have told me if I wasn’t such a crock.
The dialasis continued and Mark became resigned,
to stay for ever on this machine while life left him behind

Then providence took over, to his sad parents delight,
a letter from a famous surgeon,to asking if he might.
Use experimental stem cell surgery on their little boy,
and maybe bring a new life to their little pride and joy.

And as they thought there’s nought to lose gave the go ahead,
and tried hard to be cheerful as they told Mark in his bed.
The operation day came round the atmosphere was tense,
the parents waited anxiously held in such suspense.

Eventually the surgeon appeared and smilingly he said,
“Folks history’s been made today Dialasis is dead.
Your little boy’s got no borrowed kidneys,
he’s got his own instead.”

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