Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Humanoids

The Astronauts gazed down in the eerie light of dawn,
upon the planet Niva their month long trip now done.
The vision that confronted them as the “Sun” began to rise,
of a beautiful green landscape like a dream of paradise.

Stretching out before them as far as the eye could see,
field after field of crops and flowers a huge plant nursery.
They found it hard to walk at first, quite a queer sensation
then as they walked along they left, quite an indentation.

Their first contact with the Humanoids was quite a big surprise,
five feet tall with light grey skin and lidless slanting eyes
One problem they didn’t have was one of communication,
the Humanoids use of telepathy was quite a new sensation.

Answering unsaid questions in their minds is no mean fete,
dispelling many doubts we had and eliminates deceit..
They explained. that this being the case nobody dared to lie
nobody can escape the truth, no matter how hard they try

Their aim for years had been to create an abundance of all they need
and abolish for all time the unnatural obsession we on earth call greed
then work became a pleasure just like our hobbies are on earth
not an economic compulsion, that gives boredom its birth

As their technology had advanced their hours of work reduced
giving them more leisure hours to enjoy what they produced
Even working shorter hours was naught for them to dread
then as prices tumbled they gladly welcomed it instead

Eventually they came so low they cost more to collect
so a law was passed to make all free soon came into effect
they never had a Stock Exchange there was none to buy or sell
then all belongs to everyone I love this can’t you tell !

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