Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Humanoids part two

When the astronauts returned to Earth, a trip they had all enjoyed,
only to find on T.V. news a million more were unemployed.
“They’ve certainly achieved abundance, but no one seems to cheer,
a million rusting unsold cars lying outside the factories here.”

Countless mortgages remain unpaid,
jobs lost in every worthwhile trade.
Homeless families walk the streets,
their houses lying empty.
Just like nineteen thirty one,
, Poverty amidst Plenty.

Inefficient, bankrupt Bankers going to the state,
queuing to be nationalised they can hardly wait.
Using tax payers money, “just to start the flow,”
they should have been taken over, donkeys years ago.
In consequence of mindless greed,
regardless of the peoples need.

Where the profits of the greedy few,
take precedence over me and you.
Once more the anthem of the U.S.A,.
is “Buddy can you spare a dime O lay.”

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