Monday, 27 April 2009

Global Warming

Snow descends on regions, where it was never seen before,
polar bear’s north pole habitats are not there anymore.
The polar ice caps, are dwindling, and disappearing fast,
it’s called global warming, but warm summers are long past.

Repeated floods occurring, right across the world’s terrain,
contrasting with famine, caused by a constant lack of rain.
Rain forests simply disappearing almost overnight,
abnormal heat in Australia sets the countryside alight.

Hurricanes like Katrina have become quite commonplace,
causing widespread deaths and damage, to the human race.
Vance Packard’s book “The Waste Makers” many years ago,
Had many revelations and a timely warning to bestow

that irreplaceable materials used for profit, outside of need
unbridled production to feed only private greed
causing shortages of the materials, we need to survive
And global warming, from which none might stay alive

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