Monday, 27 April 2009

Eternal Truths

Men of science; Don’t refute the thoughts, of the, as yet unfamed,
then many of your discoveries were inadvertently obtained.
Your earthbound “light years” logic must come in dispute,
with constant visits from U.F.O.s you try hard to refute.

Theory or practice cannot be simply viewed in isolation,
they are not alternatives they are an integral manifestation.
As Lenin once said (contemplating for a while),
that theory without practice is most certainly sterile.

He was also heard to state, as I bring it back to mind,
that practice without theory is quite obviously blind.
And as Hegal once said objective truth’s only source,
was revealing the contradictions, in the stated discourse.

And since the earth is in a state of constant flux,
that eternal truths are none existent, is the crux.

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