Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Pearly Gate

How will you rate at the pearly gate
at the end of your past life review
will you try to deny you always passed by
when help was needed from you
Did you get a note from the quack
for those pains in your back

just to get a week off work
when you know full well
the doctor can’t tell
that you’re lying, you jerk
Did you try to be pretend
to be somebody’s friend

then let them down in the end
how you tried to deride
somebody who tried
to please you by helping you out
turned them down flat
at the drop of a hat
put all their intentions in doubt

On that day even worse
when you found some ones purse
hiding it quickly from sight
you didn’t even care
that it wasn’t fair
to put someone in, such a plight

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