Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Red Ruby

The bosses dubbed her “Red Ruby”
to divide her from her mates.
When she led the fight against wage cuts,
outside the factory gates.

They offered her promotion,
to get her off their backs.
She resisted the temptation,
to be one of their paid hacks.

She said I support the workers,
whether by hand or brain.
You called me Red Ruby,
then that shall be my name.

Despite your Boss press distortions,
they’ll back me to the hilt.
They know where their interests lie,
on whose side rests the guilt.

We want no Nuclear Weapons,
to wipe out the human race.
We need more Schools and Hospitals,
it’s a national disgrace.

Borrowing from P.F.I loan sharks,
at inflated interest rates.
To build unwanted “Academies,”
that everybody hates.

Paid for by our great grandchildren,
in tax for many years to come.
We need some REAL democracy,
that’s where Red Ruby’s coming from.

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