Wednesday, 13 June 2007


When you come to the twilight of the years you spend on earth
You look back on the highlights of the times back to your birth
The hours pass like minutes each month seems seem like a week
The winters have no limits and the summers short and sweet
You remember as a child how everything seemed new
Life one long adventure with lots of things to do
Bedtime always came too soon and with energy abound
You could’nt wait until next day to seek what could be found
You thought that money grew on trees there was’nt much about
Your parents did the worrying whilst you were playing out
Sometimes in quiet moments you wonder why we’re here
Why were on this planet is far from being clear
Some say theres an afterlife another life beyond
A life that’s full of happiness to where we all belong

Where blind men all can see again and cripples all made whole
Where mentaly sick are once more sane each one an ageless soul
Where creative thought must reign supreme and money’s just a nightmare dream
Where virtue has its own reward and love’s not just another word
Where none can take another’s life no place for violence and strife
Where war can’t raise it’s ugly head none struggle for their daily bread
Some patients whilst at deaths grim door survive the resuss. And what’s more
They all have similar tales to relate how they sped through a tunnel at a phenomenal rate
At the end of which was a brilliant light so warm and comforting and to their delight
They met friends and relatives who’d long passed away
All hale and hearty as they’d been one day

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hi grandad its lee, this is my comment