Thursday, 10 April 2008

Tony's Pup

When ever, where ever Tony went his love of dogs held sway
He’d follow one for ages if he thought it was a stray
If a neighbour bought a dog he’d spot it like a hawk
He’d soon go knocking at their door “can I take him for a walk”
He used to visit the dogs home “to give the dogs a treat”
He’d hang about half the day giving them bits to eat
Sadly for tony’s sake they occupied a flat
The rules were no pets allowed neither dog nor cat
One day when Tony helped his mum to wash the pots
She noticed that his neck was almost covered in red spots
The doctor wasn’t much impressed, admitted him to have some test
For three long weeks he lay there bored , stuck in the isolation ward
Then one fine day he got the news you can go home now if you choose
Then with his mum he went outside home was just a short car ride
But dad drove past the flat and on till a nice house they came upon
Then up the drive in second gear and Tony said dad who lives here
No idea said dad but here’s the key open up and then we’l see
He opened up the door swung wide Tony leaned forward to peer inside
A little warm tongue licked his palms as a little pup jumped into his arms
Tony cried we’l call him Ace as the tears cascaded down his face

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Mak said...

Hi Grandad, it's Lee!

I really like 'Tony's Pup', keep up the good work!! I bet you've got enough for 3 more Juds Corner Volumes hehe

I'm not sure of your email adress so I sent a message to grandma with details on where to see my pictures on my blog...

Speak to you soon Grandad