Tuesday, 21 October 2008


The promises of yesteryear, lie buried in the sands of time,
the solemn “I’ll never leave you’s,” and “forever you’ll be mine”.
All simple quite romantic things that used to mean a lot,
now the vaguist memories that time simply forgot

Brought back by a haunting melody, or some lost refrain,
reflecting many happy times, your memories still retain.
Times our friend nostalgia, intruding from the past,
bringing a lump to many a throat, for whom the die was cast.

If only we could turn the flip side back, to replay the times gone by,
we’d do the things we should have done, at the twinkling of an eye.
But seated in our old armchair, we may as well recline,
and thumb our aging noses at nostalgic father time.

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