Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Mother Rat

I’m a much maligned young mother rat,
not pampered like your Pussy cat.
I come out each night seeking our food,
rotting sell by dated, to feed my hungry brood.

Because in human terms we’re not a pretty sight,
we avoid the daylight, and just come out at night.
If we‘re seen women don’t say aaaaaaw look there,
they just scream in panic jump up upon a chair.

Their husbands afraid that they might fall,
phone the rat exterminator up at the town hall.
Who puts food laced with poison down our hole,
if we’re really hungry death will take its deadly toll.

We’ll end up dying in agony not a very happy fate,
oh Lord why make humans so cruel and full of hate.
Oh! why were’nt we born with feathers to live up in a tree,
humans would feed us nuts and we’d be happy as can be..

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