Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Summer's End

Summer’s almost over and the early autumn breeze,
tugging however gently at the multi coloured leaves.
Not ready yet to make their annual journey to the ground,
a phase in natures cycle as Autumn comes around.

When the gold and scarlet leaves form a carpet oer’ the woodland floor,
and bushy tailed grey squirrels searching to suppliment their store.
And the tiring prickly hedgehogs viewing the situation,
sorting out a cosy spot to start their hibernation.

Red nosed noisy little children squabbling like thieves,
seeking the biggest conker midst the moist and rustling leaves.
Grown ups exercising dogs, and themselves as well,
who gets the most enjoyment is sometimes hard to tell.

Joggers puffing and panting their red faces gleam with sweat,
hoping to reduce their buxom torsoes, or perhaps to win a bet.
Don’t like to be spoken to because they’re out of breath,
like to show they’re enjoying it,looking like warmed up death.

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