Tuesday, 21 October 2008


I sat one day in my armchair and nodded off so it seems,
went to a land of laughter,& joy,fulfilling all my dreams.
Where love’s kindness rules neath’ a golden sky,
with unconditional love that will never die.

Where beautiful flowers eternally bloom,
and summer lasts from june until to june.
Where hate is dileted and banned as uncouth,
predudice lies buried neath’ a mountain of truth

With our thoughts as the only currancy
crime is absent from this land of the free
Work is done from the goodness of heart
no one needs money, it just plays no part

When all at once I awoke with a start
to tell you this story that’s close to my heart
Thinking how life could be ever so grand
if we both took a trip to my Summerland

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