Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Womb Days

Some days deep in thought ,do you ever presume,
to recollect thoughts you may have had in the womb.
You may have just thought it’s much too warm in here,
then if you’ve never been cold how you’d know isn’t clear.

And since thoughts are mere reflections of reality,
on what could you reflect it’s just all beyond me.
We puzzle it out and decide ultimately,
what’s to think of,when there’s nought we can see.

Then after displaying such arrant complacency,
we read about regressive hypnotic therepy.
Where the hypnotised patient with irrational fears,
regresses in time to their much earlier years.

Their thoughts go back to the time of their birth,
and beyond to previous lives here on earth .
So maybe in the womb we can then think after all,
of adventurous lifetimes with nine months to recall.

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