Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The Storm

The incessant lightning flashes oer’ the rumbling purple sky,
the deluge of falling raindrops reflects the brilliance on high
the ominous crunch of a falling tree succombs to lightening’s ire,
exposing all the tenuous roots, that took many growth years to espire.

The banks of nearby rivers proved to be unable to prevent,
the hell bent raging torrent to flood where ere’ it went.
To all the houses on each side, the nightmare was complete
the level of sewerage pollution height rose above five feet

parked cars were most vulnable and were washed into the sea
the river mouth was like a littered car regatta or deserted jamboree
reminds me how overnight our garden wall collapsed, how odd?
the insurance company wouldn’t pay out said “It’s an act of god”

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