Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Winter Days

The wind is in the willows, the leaves have long since gone,
the long bleak nights are arriving now winter has begun..
Your noses turn the brightest red,your breath is turning white,
through meeting the coldest air, on a frosty winter’s night.

The footsteps are muffled you can hardly hear a sound,
as the dark streets are brightened, by snow upon the ground.
whilst children are all sliding up and down upon the snow,
the grown ups seeking cautiously the safest way to go.

As you peep through your curtains,each morning at dawn,
you see Jack Frost’s white masterpeice, on hedges and the lawn.
The sparrows huddle up for warmth, in the dense privet hedge,
and the pigeons coo cooing, from the high gutter’s edge.

I can remember in days gone by when we would aspire,
to nightly roasting chestnuts on a big hot open fire.
Then as they all started to hiss,the aroma was divine,
when done they’d pop up, and land on the hearth each time.

With spring just round the corner, we’ll bid Winter fond Good byes,
awaiting the arrival of spring flowers,and wa rm blue skies.
We all make the best of winter time and I’ve seen quite a few,
if it kills off all the germs, then I don’t mind do you.?

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